Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bye Bye Ya'll

Well this is the last update of Guerilla Culture, thank you for reading and please look out for my new blogs.

plus my Project's website

It's been a blast these last few months, but as I move on to new eras of my life, I have to switch up my focus. I look forward to earning your continued readership.

God Bless,
Tyler Willis

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

OK, I know I'm bad but...

Ok, so this will be my second to last post here. the last will let you know all the whats going on in the future and how do i figgure that out.

I've been hard at work getting up Project: NOLA in between sightseeing and reading. Check it out, you'll see what I'm up to and you might even dig it,

anyway i went to the vatican today for all saints day. Let me tell you what, If there is any place on earth that could inspire an atheist to convert its seeing St. Peter's Basilica, if there is any place on earth that could inspire the most pious man to accept Sartre's existentialism (see "Hell is other people") it's being a tourist at St. Peters.

I am fully convinced that 95% of the world is completely unworthy of walking on two feet. I won't get into my anger, except to say that I figured that if there was anyplace on earth to practice forgiveness it was here (noticing a trend?) so I actually asked god to lift the anger out of me and allow me to forgive. It worked the first few times, then I'm pretty sure God was mad at them too.

OK I'm off to do a little work and then sleep. Tommorrow I see the Pope's general audience and the next day I fly out.


Friday, October 21, 2005

The Big Day

Well family I had an amazing day. I went skydiving today with Skydive Interlaken and a better group of guys is hard to imagine. It was an amazing experience to be up 4000 meters and then Free Fall out of a Helicopter for 45 seconds. I had a simply amazing time. I went with a few Aggies from Texas A&M and a Swiss fellow on holiday, and they had a blast as well. It is crazy to float like that. The scenery was beautiful and as I was digesting my first trip a few of the guys asked what else I had planned to Celebrate, half-jokingly I said go again. A small discount later I was on the road up to the heli-pad. A Swiss girl and I both Tandem jumped for my second time today and it was a much more down to earth experience. All the cares of the world float away as you fall at something near 100 mph (just my guess on the speed). It was honestly a great day. I feel amazing, and am fast on the way to becoming a skydiving addict. At least its a healthy addiction (at least more so then liqour or drugs!) that I find myself in the clutches of! Well not to much else to say, Its about time to go have a beer and relax, Let the day wash over me. I had a blast guys, probably my best birthday yet. I love you all and wish I could be arround friends and family, I can't wait for Thanksgiving. Have a great day in honor of me and enjoy life, remember its a beautiful day here on earth. Love you all.


Thursday, October 20, 2005


happy birthday to me, just saw a good cover band in Switzerland. Wish you all could be here. but your not so i will celebrate alone. im 19, eck. maybe i should just skip this bday and stay 18. ya being young rocks. ok later guys.

love t

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


okay so i will explain more later, but I have been really interested in New Orleans and the plight there. Here is an interesting map that shows the damage, the pictures of the lower 9th ward were particulary interesting.

more to come folks.